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Yes!! Now you can be an author of How-To-Do.

If you want to share your knowledge or if you want to help the people then you are welcome to our community. Just submit your post, we shall publish it and obviously, you will get credit if you want. 


  • Your article should be 100% unique. If you submit the published or copied content, then your post will be rejected.
  • Your content must have at least 500 words. If any article is smaller than this length, it will not be accepted.
  • Please attach at least one article related image, and you must have to use the stock free image. Like
  • Add only one link of your site. The article contains more that one link of your, will not be accepted. You can add external links, but it should be trusted. 
  • As this a 'How-to' blog, so your Article title should start with the prefix 'How to'. the example of the title: How to install windows 7, how to start a business, How to take care of your pets, how to be healthy etc. 
  • Write the article on these following topics: technology, health, business, education, lifestyle, work, relationship, pet, and animals.

You can send your article at

Send us your article via email typing on MS Word. 

If You face any problem, please feel free to ask us anything. Contact us through the email address or command down below. Thank You...

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